Friday, January 28, 2011

Vote for an African Woman Explorer

Black History Month Travel Series

Lola Akinmade - A Beautiful African Woman Explorer

Lola is a beautiful African woman explorer who dreams of going to the North Pole. 

Her dream began when she was a student sitting in geography class in Nigeria.

She held a map and looked at latitudes, longitudes, and political boundaries. Lola told herself that she would go to the North Pole. 

As a child living in the country of Nigeria on the continent of Africa, Lola had not seen snow at that time.

Lola is a traveller. She is more than a traveller. Lola is an explorer, travel writer, and photographer who has traveled on 6 continents.

Lola goes to countries like Sweden and Iceland. These countries are cold weather countries. 

Why would an African girl dream of going to the North Pole?

Lola loves to explore beyond boundaries, lines, and walls. She goes to places where there aren't many people like her, and loves to share her experiences as transparently and honestly as possible.

Lola wants the students to know that it may seem like there are boundaries or walls all around them, but you can go beyond them too.

The world is only limited if one chooses to accept those boundaries and not break through them.

Dream through Lola's photos -

Follow Lola as she travels -

Watch her go beyond boundaries.

You can do it too.

Help Lola. Vote for her to go to the North Pole. Tell your family and friends to vote for Lola -

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