Thursday, August 19, 2010

Connecting with Eat Pray Love!

22 rue de Naples

After my flying the Detroit Shuttle yesterday, I decided to stop downtown to catch the movie Eat  Pray Love.  No I have not read the book yet. I know most people read the book and then see the movie. Well I am different. I am seeing the movie first then I will read the book.

I connected with Julia Roberts character Liz on so many levels.

My first connection was with the box. Her box of dreams, Liz collected photos and articles of all the places she wanted to visit.

I started creating my box of dreams after my sophomore year of high school. My sister and I were unable to go to Paris for spring break with Madame Susan Tartare's French class from Luther South. This was my defining moment to start collecting everything I could about Paris.  I began collecting the Chicago Tribune and Suntimes  Travel Section. I read travel articles about Paris. I watched the airfares and followed the currency (french franc).  Each time that Madame Susan Tartare show our french class about a film about Paris or France, I visualized myself there. This created a burning desire so deep inside of me. I focused on my dream for the seven years during high school and college.

The second connection I had with Liz was her description of feeling dead, no pulse. The experience of travel definitely brings one alive. That is the reason for me being a flight attendant. I feel alive when I view the beauty of earth from above. I feel alive when I interact with people of other cultures. I feel alive when I hear the languages of other tongues. Something resonates within my soul. I come alive. I feel the emotions of the languages spiritually connecting within me.

My third connection with Liz was that she was a woman traveling solo. I left my home two days after I graduated from Mundelein College to fly to Paris. I left solo. I did not know anyone in Paris. The only thing I knew was where I would be living for the next year. I had no friends, no job, nothing but my dreams. I chose to live at L'UNCF which is similar to a YWCA.

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Please enjoy the photos from my return to Paris in October 2009.

The street where I lived as a student in Paris.

Naples Residence

Christian Union of Young Women

Shop near the residence
Bakery where I shopped as a student.
Mother hooding french bakery bread
Butcher Shop near Naples Residence
Mother and son shopping at the Butcher
Courcelles Blvd.
Signs pointing to the St Lazare Train Station
Metro Sign
Woman going into the Metro
Villiers Metro Sign near Naples Residence
Monceau Hotel near Naples Residence