Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Those famous white dresses?

Garden view of a Hacienda in Mexico
While on my day tour of Chichen Izta we stopped at  a hacienda for lunch and a show. My bus partner was Mexican. He seemed to be delighted that we were stopping at the hacienda for lunch. He told me there was a hacienda in his native California that had indoor and outdoor seating. This particular hacienda had an indoor  buffet style restaurant. It also had a chapel and a gift shop.

Artwork Souvenirs at Sun Moon Palace Resort
Tip: Buy souvenirs away from the resort, you will spend less for souvenirs on tours. The souvenirs were much cheaper on the tour than at the Sun Moon Palace Resort.  I bought four hankerchiefs for $1. Hat and T- shirts were $5. One of Mexican Tourist from California spent $267 on souvenirs at Chichen Itza alone. He said his wife had given him a list of souvenirs to pick up. I was amazed.

Students dancing at Hacienda Lunch in Mexico

I sat at the front of the restaurant near the stage so that I could film the students dancing. The young women wore those famous white dresses.

This is a funny video of the students dancing with bottles on their heads.

Town Square of Valladolid, Mexico 

After lunch we stopped at Valladolid, Mexico which is a small town that is known for the famous white dresses that the women wear there. There is also more shopping for inexpensive souvenirs.

Two women proudly wearing those famous white dresses

After I took the photos of the women they wanted a tip. I gave them some Nature's Sunshine Solstice Energy packets because I had spent all my cash on souvenirs. Everybody needs energy right!

My models for the day in those famous white dresses.

They were very nice about it. They just giggled and went on their merry way.

Skychi in front of Famous White Dress Fountain

In the middle of the Valladolid, Mexico town square  park is a fountain of a women wearing one of the famous white dresses.

Women wearing one of the those Valladolid, Mexico "Famous White Dress"
 You know those  famous white dresses, don't you?