Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Art of Service- Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver

                                             Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver

I am attending the "TBEX" Travel Blog Exchange 2011 in Vancouver, British Columbia next month. I noticed that Brooklyn Nomad a successful Travel Blogger was hosting a contest. Win a Night at the Four Seasons Vancouver & Dinner for 2 TBEX Weekend | The Brooklyn Nomad

Vancouver, British Columbia

So I decided to enter the this contest for a free night stay and dinner for two at YEW Restaurant.

Yew Restaurant 

As a flight attendant I practically live in hotels. Sometimes I stay about 15 to 20 nights a month in all types of hotels. We experience varying levels of quality and customer service. Strangely enough hotels are the very important part of our work. Rest or lack of rest can make or break a flight crew. The art of rest can be a difficult balance to maintain.

Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver Fitness Centre

One would think that because you have a nice hotel room that you should automatically be well rested. There is much more to a hotel than a room. Noisy guests, elevators, air conditioning systems, loud TV's , and very thin walls can disturb rest. Nice amenities are important too. The hotel restaurant,  Flat-screen TV,  in-room fridge and microwave, the pool, the jacuzzi, and exercise room are important amenities that I look at on hotel websites. Then there is the all in important comfortable bed with lots of pillows to rest my tired legs and feet.

Four Seasons Hotel Deluxe Executive Suite

I am a servant in the airline industry. I know and understand customer service. I appreciate excellent customer service. I am looking forward to meeting the management and staff at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver. I am open to learning from them the "Art of True Customer Service". This will be reciprocal experience for me. One can always improve their customer service skills.

 The Four Seasons Hotel has mastered this art. This year the Four Seasons Hotel celebrates its 50th Birthday. I am excited to be part of this celebration.

Some surprising facts about the Four Seasons Hotel that I noticed during my research.

  • Four Seasons Hotel is a Canadian based company. I am very familiar with the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago.
  • The first hotel opened in 1961 in downtown Toronto.
  • The Fours Seasons Hotel service culture is based on the Golden Rule

This is my winning entry.

Four Reasons 4 Four Seasons
These are my reasons to stay at the Four Season Hotel.

The Power of Personal Service

1.      To experience the service culture created by Four Season Hotel founder Issy Sharp – The Golden Rule- “We treat others – all others: customers, employees, partners, suppliers – as one would wish to be treated.” The way the employees are treated by management transcends to the way the customer is treated.

Marathon of Hope Cancer Research
     2.  Happy 50th Birthday by Advancing Cancer Research through the Terry Fox Foundation.  I love companies with goodwill. The Terry Fox Run which is supported by the Four Seasons Hotel shows that they have a good heart. 

Isadore Sharp Founder & Chairman
3. Isadore Sharp had a different vision: “A personal, down-to-earth hotel. Not for dukes or duchesses, but for people who want to be treated that way, and are put off by the stuffy formality of traditional grand hotels.” I love to be treated like royalty by hotel staff but I don’t like stuffy hotels. This speaks to me.

Kathleen Taylor President & CEO

4.    Kathleen Taylor – President & CEO - Personal characteristic that makes sense if you know her: “I consider myself an enabler more than a manager, but I’m also a bit of a control freak”. Woman power, I love companies with Woman CEO’s.

I will be blogging about my stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver and the dinner for two at the YEW Restaurant. Please "Like" me on facebook or follow me on twitter.


  1. Best wishes on the contest. I look forward to the announcement that you are THE winner, because YOU ARE A WINNER.

    Shallie Bey
    Smarter Small Business Blog

  2. Congratulations, Janice! Your entry was wonderful and you taught me things that I didn't know about that hotel chain. Have a great time at TBEX!

  3. Thanks Renee. I am glad you learned some new facts about the Four Seasons Hotel.

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