Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Washington, DC - U St. & Very Smart Brothas

My daughter Dani and I flew to DC for the weekend to celebrate her birthday and her sister's birthday, Sunny. Yes I have two daughters born in March. No, they are not twins. The are years apart. I was a very busy lady having babies at that time. I am a Mom of four adult offspring. One son and four daughters.

U St. Jazz Club Area

So we were three ladies, out on the town in Washington D.C.'s U St. area which is a favorite hangout for young people and Jazz Lovers. We were looking for a restaurant with a happy hour. Dani wanted to eat at Ben's Chili Bowl. So we walked by and saw a line around the corner.

Long line at Ben's Chili Bowl

Next we stopped at Ben's Next Door to find out the wait was an hour and a half long for a table. We were pretty hungry, so we decided to have dinners and drinks at Tap 'n Parlour.

Ben's Next Door

We were so glad that we ended up at Tap 'n Parlour because we joined the THREE DEEZ Birthday Party.
We met the the VSB - Very Smart Brothas: The Champ, Panama Jackson, and Liz. What a birthday present for my girls!

The Champ, Sunny and Dani

I learned about the VSB's from my youngest daughter Nessa. She is a college student. She is always talking about their famous blog at She loves their intellect.

Having kids is great they keep you abreast of what's going on in life. We had fallen into the THREEDEEZ Birthday Party with the famous VSB and I knew all about them from my Nessa.

Panama Jackson, Skychi, The Champ

I was so excited at the surprise that life had brought us that weekend. We celebrated the THREEDEEZ Birthday Party for Dani and Sunny's birthday. Awesome! Right!


Now you are asking what is a THREEDEEZ? You have to read their blog at to find out what it means. I can tell you that the Very Smart Brothas: Black Men on Love, Dating & Pop Culture is humorous relationship blog. 

Your Degrees Won't Keep You Warm at Night: Very Smart Brothas Guide to Dating, Mating and Fighting Crime
by Damon Young & Panama Jackson

My daughter and I  each purchased their new book Your Degree Won't Keep You Warm at Night: Very Smart Brothas Guide to Dating, Mating and Fighting Crime. They even autographed it for us. Buy your copy right now. It is a scintillating must read. I read the book immediately and could not put it down. While I was reading this book I was attracting men to me like bees to honey.
I learned a few things about men from this book. I am divorced now after a twenty-five marriage. This has come at the perfect time in my life. Very Smart Brothas are my new Love and Relationship Guru's. You have to order the book today.

After you buy their book, then vote for the Very Smart Brothas for their blog at

...and nominate them for the following categories that they qualify for:

  1. Blog of The Year
  2. Best Writing In A Blog
  3. Best Sex or Relationships Blog
  4. Best Humor Blog

I just voted for them, so vote for them right now.

Somehow I have a cameo appearance in their video #ThreeDeez Birthday Party.

Did you read their the book yet? What are you thoughts?  Please comment below.

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