Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NBA All-Star Magic Johnson Goes Hollywood with AAERG!

Earvin "Magic" Johnson
American Airlines African American Employee Resource Group is "Going Hollywood" with Earvin "Magic" Johnson at the 11th Annual AAERG Convention.

 "AAERG has become a vital component of AMR Corporation since 1996. The group values professional development and community involvement, but also recognizes that African Americans contribute close to a trillion dollars to the economy. We believe that American Airlines can position itself as a preferred airline within the African American community by utilizing employees to enhance marketing and outreach efforts."

I am proud to be part of a company that values Diversity & Inclusion.  American Airlines has received numerous awards and recognitions. One recent award is the 2011 Diversity Leader Award.

2011 Diversity Award

"Diversity Leader Award – This award is given to organizations that share their stories with readers on a regular basis and offer profiles of their thought leaders. American Airlines is recognized as an organization that demonstrates its continued commitment toward diverse culture through its ongoing communications with Profiles in Diversity Journal."

American Airlines shares stories with readers through the American Way Magazine and American Eagle Latitudes Magazine. One of their most recent features was Celebrating Black History Month with Jennifer Hudson on the cover. Please read my blog article Celebrate Black History Month with Jennifer Hudson.

I will be celebrating  Black History Month by attending  the AAERG 11th Annual Convention in LAX. This is a two day event is for American Airlines employees to develop professional skills and network.  The keynote speakers is Earvin "Magic" Johnson,  a NBA All-Star and owner of Magic Johnson Enterprises. Another featured speaker is Sandra Finely, President and CEO of the League of Black Women. I am looking forward to meeting them. I invite other American Airlines employees to join me. 

If you are interested in working for American Airlines or American Eagle a top Diversity Company, then visit to apply for open positions.