Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Favorite Retreat in Paris: Parc Monceau

These are photos from my walk to Parc Monceau or Park Monceau which is walking distance from the Hilton Arc de Triomphe Paris Hotel. I spent days there jogging or walking when I was a student living there in Paris.

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Paris My First Love

After twenty-five years I have the opportunity to return to Paris. I accepted the invitation to accompany an old high friend. This is one invitation I could not turn down.

Paris is one of my favorite cities. My love affair with Paris started when I was in high school.
I began studying French during my sophomore year. I went to live in Paris after I graduated from college and received my B.A. in French Language and Culture. These photos are from where I lived as a student in Paris. The photos are of the Eiffel Tower and River Seine.
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Why did I become a flight attendant?

My mother took my sisters and I to New York when I was twelve years old. That experience created my desire to fly. I love the thrill of the take off and landing. My sisters were frightened by the engine noise and movement. It felt to me like a roll coaster ride.

It took me a lifetime to begin my career as a flight attendant. I applied after graduating high school and during college without success. I never gave up on my dream to fly. I finally became a flight attendant in 2007 for American Eagle Airlines. I am based out of Chicago O’Hare Airport. I fly domestically on the Regional Jets.

What does an airline look for in a Flight Attendant?
I would recommend having strong customer service skills and communication skills.

What is the schedule of a Flight Attendant?
You must be willing to move to another city, work weekends, holidays and long days.

Is there an age limit on becoming a flight attendant?
U.S. Airlines can no longer discriminate by age. You can be any age and apply to be hired as a flight attendant.

What is the beginning salary of a flight attendant?
Beginning flight attendants salaries vary by airline. The range can be $12,000 to $18,000 for new hires. Some airlines pay for training, others do not pay. It is a good idea to have some money saved up if possible to help you through basic training and moving to another city after training.