Monday, March 14, 2011

Why are you solo?

Skychi at Sun Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico

At breakfast this morning the waiter asked me "Why are you solo? As a matter of fact I have been asked that question several times by male waiters. I understand the culture of Mexico is one of an emphasis on  "FAMILY". I  guess they cannot understand how I be by myself or eat by myself.

Watermelon Sculpture at Mexican Restaurant

My first day at lunch at the Mexican restaurant, the waitress did not want to seat me because  I was by myself. I thought it was interesting that the single gentleman ahead of me did not have that problem. They seated him immediately.

Chef preparing my Grilled Grouper

Why are you solo?
I answered that I am a flight attendant. I am used to traveling by myself. I don't think that answer was acceptable to him. He still looked puzzled. I am certain that I am not the only woman here traveling solo. However, this does not stop the asking of the question, Why am I alone?

Fruit Station at Buffett

This question has me asking and examining myself, Why am I alone?
Upon further introspection, there are other reasons for why I travel alone. I am divorced with four adult offspring. I have yet to meet my wandering soul mate.

Garnishments for Grilled Meats

Yes, I am "soloito". I am the little alone person.

Grilled Grouper, Cactus Salad and Shredded Beets
Churro with Ice Cream & Petit Fours

This morning, I was in line at the hostess station of the Mexican Restaurant of Sun Moon Palace waiting for a table. I ran into two women that I had met the last night. The hostess rushed to seat the three of us.
Skychi with one of the Chefs of the Mexican Restaurant

That's was my "Ahh! Moment". I realized I was choosing to eat alone and be alone. The question by the waiters of "Why are you alone?" was not due to their lack of understanding. It caused me to reflect upon who I was choosing to "be" which was alone. I had met many people but I had not sought their companionship during meal time. I finally got it. The question is not so much "Why are you alone?" but "Why do you choose to eat alone?". I did not eat all my meals alone. However, I got that I did choose to eat alone several times.

Breakfast in Room
Breakfast with my roommate

Thank you for the awakening moment. Now I can shift to not be "solo". Sometimes Travel can help you learn about yourself.