Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to get a First Class Seat?

Some airlines upgrade passengers for free to first class. It is up to the gate agent to select those lucky individuals for a free first class upgrade to a $4,000 seat.
What can you do to nab one of those cushy seats? Nothing.
It is like winning the lottery. You are on the passenger list.

First Class Seats
Single First Class Seats

View from First Class
Rear View of First Class

Be kind to the gate agent. They decide whose naughty or nice. Gate agents take too many abuse from passengers. Smile.
Don't harass them or be rude. Give them  a little breathing room.
Respect their deadline. They are under pressure to ensure flights are boarded on time and closed out on time. Utilize your cell phone instead of the gate agent. Visit on your web-enabled mobile phone for your flight information.

Just think positive. Just visualize that first class seat! Here are some photos of our new aircraft the NexGen CRJ-700 with all new 65 comfy, cushy new seats. First class holds nine passengers. Meals are served only on certain flights.
Lucky First Class Flyer Unaccompanied Minor

Rear view of Coach Cabin

New Exit Row Coach Seats

New Leather Coach Seats 
Adjustable Headrests