Friday, January 14, 2011

Serena Williams Loves Miami!

Serena Williams on Cover of Latitudes 
Yesterday on my flight to Montreal one of my passengers commented on the article about Serena Williams "Serena, Queen of the Court" by Bret Love. She is on the cover of American Eagles' In-flight Magazine. He loved the article. As a matter of fact I noticed several passengers reading the article.

The article is very insightful. She reveals that she loves Miami. She loves Miami so much that she and her sister bought ownership into the Miami Dolphins. She is crazy for football.

A woman at my own heart. Miami is one of my top destinations.
Serena is just another reason to visit Miami. Maybe you will spot her hanging out at the beach.

I was more amazed by the photography. The photos of her are stunning. They showcase her beautiful brown skin, her femininity and grace. I love the sexy glam shot of Serena. She really shines in this photo.

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