Sunday, February 6, 2011

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness!"

Jay Travels

1. What message do have for students who want to travel?
[Jay]  Use this opportunity to explore the world and gain new/different perspectives – it will be of great importance in your business career and possibly personal lives.

2. What are your childhood memories of travel ?
[Jay]  I didn’t travel much as a child, which is probably why I do so much now.  Of the few trips we were able to take, my fondest memories wee of spending time with my mother.


3. Where did you dream of traveling when you were a child?
[Jay]  I hadn’t really thought about raveling beyond the city limits of Chicago.  I had no idea that most of the country didn’t look like my hometown – I was shocked when I first saw cows in Illinois during a road trip to Carbondale.  This is the mindset I’m working to change – not just with children but with adults as well.

4. Did you travel as a child?
[Jay]  See above

5. What did you learn as a child about the expectation for black people to travel?
[Jay]  NA

6. Did you admire or know of any Black people that traveled when you were a child?
[Jay]  No one I knew really traveled.

7. Why should Black people travel?
[Jay]  The world is a beautiful, ugly, exciting, relaxing, sensual, dangerous and wonderful place!  By experiencing other environments, cultures and customs – you will likely enhance your own life in some way; whether that be the memories of visiting an amazing location, learning a new language, becoming a better conversationalist – the list is endless.


8. What was your first trip?
[Jay]  My first trip outside of the state of Illinois was to Disneyland in California with my mother.  My first trip out of the country was to the Bahamas (I’m ignoring my 2 min stay in Windsor, Canada)


9. How did you plan for it?
[Jay]  I didn’t plan for Disneyland, I was a child.  The Bahamas trip was a cruise I won from my job, so very little planning there as well.

10. What was your experience there?

a) positive experience -[Jay]  First time out of the country – so it was an exciting experience.

b) negative experience-[Jay] I learned I don’t care much for cruises.  Being trapped on-board a ship for hours on end where someone nickels & dimes you for everything isn’t my idea of fun.

11. Was your travel experience what you expected?
[Jay]  Overall, it was a good experience.

12. How is your travel experience as a Black traveler different from what you perceive as a White traveler?[Jay]  I’ve never been a white traveler.

13. What is your voice as a Black travel blogger?
[Jay]  My motto has become “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”.


14. Where do you dream of traveling now? Why?
[Jay]  My remaining Bucket List is Vietnam (I’d like to see both Hanoi & Saigon 40 years after the war) and Antarctica (because it’s the only continent I haven’t visited).