Monday, March 7, 2011

"Invest in traveling the world. You will be better!"
Kier V.B. Matthews, CTIE
Vice President, Travel Industry Sales
Europe Express & Brian Moore International Tours

Kier Matthews

1. What message do have for students who want to travel?
 – The world is vast! Go explore! Even if you have to do it on a budget. It will make you a better citizen!

2. What are your childhood memories of travel ? 
-Traveling to Buenos Aries to visit my father who was working there. So glamorous!

3. Where did you dream of traveling when you were a child?
- England

4. Did you travel as a child?
 – Travel for me did not start until I was a teenager

5. What did you learn as a child about the expectation for black people to travel? 
– That we could only travel via car. We were not rich enough to fly.

Europe Vacation 
6. Did you admire or know of any Black people that traveled when you were a child? 
– My favorite aunt used to travel all the time and I admired her desire to see the world and bring it back to us.

7. Why should Black people travel? 
– Traveling is the great equalizer! You learn more traveling that any college degree. But, get the degree!

8. What was your first trip? 
– NYC on an air plane. It was a Boeing 747 operated by PanAm.

Europe Vacation
9. How did you plan for it?
 – My parents planned it all. I just had to remember how to behave on the plane.

10. What was your experience there? 
– I just recall the vastness of the big apple. I was so excited.

Europe Vacation

11. Was your travel experience what you expected?
 – Yes. It was way more than I ever imagined

12. How is your travel experience as a Black traveler different from what you perceive as a White traveler? 
– I think people are VERY shocked to see me in first class and at luxury hotels. They think I’m a celebrity, rapper or athlete. Not a senior executive.

13. What is your voice as a Black travel blogger?
 – I blog about luxury travel, experiences, and products.

14. Where do you dream of traveling now? Why?
 – Australia and Asia – Because my wife wants to go! I want to take her to the places of her dreams!

Europe Vacation with Family

15. Anything else you would like to add? 
– Invest in traveling the world. You will be better!