Saturday, February 19, 2011

Celebrate Black History with Black Atlas

Black Atlas is an American Airlines social media website to connect to African American travelers.
Nelson George is the Travel Expert-at-large for Black Nelson George produces travel videos which showcase the Black History of local and international destinations.

I have watched his travel videos for a specific destination, then I visit those places to enjoy the experience for myself. I love "Nelson George's Inside Scoop".  He provides a visual Black Perspective to to places that Black people talk about among themselves.

Black Travel is pretty much word of mouth. When I travel to a  new city sometimes I want to experience the  black culture of that city.  I look for a black hotel receptionist, bus driver, hotel shuttle bus driver or hotel door man. I ask, "Where do black people go here?" They have been my greatest resource for some amazing travel experiences. Now Black Atlas provides  Black Travel Guide Videos to the Black culture and history from cities around the world.

Black Atlas
"The Passport to the Black Experience"

Neslon George takes you on a tour of Black History in Los Angeles with Black Atlas.

Los Angeles is the site of the AAERG 11th Annual Convention celebration of Black History Month.
Check out my blog post on NBA All-Star Magic Johnson Goes Hollywood with AAERG! I am hoping to tour some of the Black Historic sites that Nelson George mentioned in his Los Angeles travel guide.
I look at the Los Angeles skyline with a great sense of pride knowing that a Black architect named Paul R. Williams helped to design the cityscape.

Kiratiana the editor of  Black Atlas features a Black History Month Profile on Black Travel Bloggers.  Kiratiana talks to Jay, the King of Black Travel Bloggers in this article Black History Month Profile: Jay of . Kiratiana and Jay both competed for the Black Weblog Awards for the Best Travel Blog category. Jay of won the honor of Best Black Travel Blog.

Jay of
Black Atlas is a great resource for planning your next trip to a local or international destination with a  Black History point of view.