Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Just Go! You'll Be Okay! "

<>"Bella Italia"
Fleace Weaver

Fleace Weaver

Fleace's first trip was to Milan, Italy as a model. She didn't really know anyone as a child who traveled. Everything she learned about travel she learned from a book. She loved geography class as a child. When she was a little girl she traveled in her heart and in her mind.

The messages she learned as a child were you can't make it. She was taught to be very afraid of travel. She was told they are not like you. Her parents told her you'll be kidnapped by strangers

During her first trip to Milan, Italy she felt empowered as a woman. She felt strong and beautiful. She experienced the adoration of European men. She learned she could make it. She knows now that the Blue American Passport is like gold.

Fleace wants to teach other Black women that they can make it too. Fleace says if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.She takes groups of black women on tour in Milan and Paris. She has an upcoming trip to Paris in April. For more info visit .

Three women from one of her trips decided to travel to Croatia. They ended up on the TV just because they were an uncommon sight. They were three black women in Croatia and that is news.

Fleace's message to children and adults is that you should just go. You will be okay.