Thursday, December 30, 2010

Writing What You Love?

Skychi Travels Guide Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I got a call the other night from an old friend who had googled me. She called to tell me that she entered Skychi Travels into the address browser and the results were two pages of Skychi Travels. I was really surprised to hear the news. She told me whatever I was doing to keep it up. I was really honored by what she told me.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Tipping or Tripping

It is a little known secret that airport employees can receive tips and gifts $100 or less.

Pax shares Poopie Baby Story

In ATL waiting to board a flight back to ORD. A passenger waiting for the same flight tells me this a story about one of our new young flight attendants.
There was a baby on one of our new CRJ jets from ORD to ATL that pooped in its diaper. Well, the new flight attendant donned a mask. She then offered all the passengers masks. She took out the hazmat bag to collect the stinky diaper. She then left the hazmat bag sealed with the diaper in the setback pocket of this poor embarrassed mother who did not speak much english.