Thursday, December 30, 2010

Writing What You Love?

Skychi Travels Guide Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I got a call the other night from an old friend who had googled me. She called to tell me that she entered Skychi Travels into the address browser and the results were two pages of Skychi Travels. I was really surprised to hear the news. She told me whatever I was doing to keep it up. I was really honored by what she told me.

Skychi Travels Guide Coral Gables, Florida

You can tell from the name Skychi Travels that I love travel. It make me feel alive. It is my joie de vivre. My reason for being. It gives me life and sparkle. So that is why I write about travel.

Skychi Travels Guide Great Exuma Island, Bahamas

My friend also shared with me that she was building a travel website and searching for a keyword on the internet.  However, she does not travel. It is not her passion, her reason for living. There is no magic keyword with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You and your passion are the key.

Skychi Travels Guide Charleston, South Carolina Waterfront

I am inspired by Beth Blair's blog article:
Pitch From Your Passion: Get Paid to Write About What You Love.
She discusses opportunities to get paid in writing in general, not just travel writing. She also gives step by step methods to submit one's writing to get paid. She shows us how to get published. I love Beth Blair's generosity in sharing her way to success in publishing. If you are interested in learning how to pitch your writing then devour her presentation.

Skychi Travels Guide Pinecrest Botanical Gardens, Miami Florida

You can utilize Beth Blair's valuable insights so that you can get paid to write about anything that you love. It can be gardening, dogs, baking cookies, or anything. Your passion is something that you enjoy doing. Seth Godin of Squidoo says that everyone is an expert at something. So choose to write about it. So check out the site for another way to earn money on writing about what you love.

Skychi Travels Guide Charleston, S.C. Organic Cookies Alluette's Cafe

If your dog is the reason you get up every morning then write about your dog. It is possible to earn money writing about your dog.


Beth Blair's Tips:
Pitch From Your Passion: Get Paid to Write About What You Love

Celebrate Your Passion in 2011!  Write What You Love!