Thursday, March 3, 2011

Breakfast with Business Guru & Mogul Earvin "Magic" Johnson

Business Guru Earvin "Magic" Johnson
The AAERG Prayer Breakfast with Magic Johnson was amazing. I have never seen anything like it. Earvin Magic Johnson is a great leader. He shared his business success with us. His portfolio of businesses include Starbucks, TGIF Friday's, hotels, and movie theaters. He employs over 40,000 minorities.

CEO Earvin "Magic" Johnson accepts AAERG Academy Award

He shared his business tips with us. Then he did a Q&A to provide personalized advice.
The most important piece of advice that he shared with us was don't hire your family ...unless they have expertise. The number one reason that African American businesses fail is they hire family members. They family members take the money from the businesses. Magic says that he pays his family members to stay away. Every Thanksgiving his gives his brothers and sisters a check. Here you don't have to come in. Bam a check!

Joyful Winner of Front Seats to Lakers Game
Magic Johnson giveaways at the breakfast included his autographed Lakers Jerseys and front row seats to the Lakers games. These tickets were valued at $3,000 each. Magic gifted to Varita 8 tickets. When he called her up to receive the tickets she told him that she had triplets. So Magic said okay I will give you four tickets, then he doubled it to 8 tickets so she could have baby sitters for her triplets at the game. Simply awesome!

(left) Varita Shelton "My Barbados"
The most moving moment for me at the breakfast was witnessing a powerful group of five or six youth from the orchestra stand up. One young man eloquently introduced himself. Then the other students  introduced themselves as well. Then the young male leader said we are all high achieving African American students who are about to enter college or are in college. Do you know of any scholarships? Magic started to share with them his UCLA Urban Summer Program. Then Earvin "Magic" Johnson gifted that bold group of students  with scholarships for college. "Ask and it is given." It was powerful to be in the presence of such a great leader who is humble and giving.

Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles (ICYOLA)
Thank you Earvin Magic Johnson sharing yourself, your business knowledge, and your gifts. I am looking forward to the next time you visit with AAERG.

Family Photo Op with Business Guru & Mogul Earvin "Magic" Johnson

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