Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where to Find American Airlines Airfares?

Sunrise Great Exuma Island, Bahamas
During my flight the other day to Charlotte, N.C. I was chatting with one of my Platinum passengers about the effects of Orbitz and Expedia not showing American Airlines airfares. He shared with me that he lives in Northwest Arkansas and that American Eagle is the only carrier for him with service to Dallas, Texas. He said it would have really bummed him out, if he could not book his flights. Luckily, Agencia is offered for the business travelers so he can still see American Airlines airfares. This is great news for our business travelers.

View from 20,000 ft of Miami, Florida

Then we talked about how there were not as many business travelers at the airport. He stated that the snow storm on the Northeast coast had many of the business fliers stay home. He asked, "Who wants to sit in an airport all day?" I agree with him.

So I guess the passengers prefer to have flights cancel in advance, so they can make alternate arrangements for business meetings.

Skychi and a Map of The Island of the Bahamas at GGT Airport and still offer American Airlines and American Eagle airfares which is great news for the leisure travelers. This is the time of year when many people want to escape the cold and go on a Caribbean cruise or a getaway to a Caribbean island. American Airlines and American Eagle can take you there from our hub in Miami.

Trolley in Coral Gables, Florida

I am heading to Miami to serve passengers on their weekend getaways. I hope to thaw out for a minute. I enjoy hanging out at the Magnificent Mile in Coral Cables, Fl. See you in the air.

Magnifient Mile Shopping Area in Coral Gables, Florida