Thursday, September 16, 2010


I just got back from attending #MEETPLANGO DC #MPGDC. It was an awesome event. Thanks Sonia of for hosting a great event. I love your creativity.

The "Meet"  new people and make connections about traveling is what it is all about. I left with several emails contacts and some new friends. I met a woman named Janet who also loves Turkey. She is ex-military. She has worked for as a consultant for the military thus accumulating frequent flyer miles. She has used her miles to travel to Turkey five times over several years. She shared her tips with me about  visiting southern Turkey. She used Izmir as her base. She has visit follow the footsteps of Paul. Her stories are of great interest to me. This is a tour I desire to undertake.

I wish to visit Cappadcia, Pergamon, and Pamukkale.
This tour requires excellent health and stamina. It is a hike through ancient civilization.  So I must go now while I still have the health to do so. While living in Turkey we met missionaries who conducted tours of the Steps of Paul. This is something I have always loved to do. Although I lived in Istanbul for two years, I did not have the opportunity to tour southern Turkey. I was pregnant and raising babies at the time. My middle daughter was born in Istanbul. She has dual citizenship. She is both American and Turkish. She is a Black Turk.  Speaking of Black Turks, I would love to visit the village of the Black Turks.

The "Plan" part was moderated by panelist Kate Chandler of The panelist were Nicolette Pizzitola of; Stephanie Yoder of; Rich Carlson of; Tara Cavanagh of; and Kathleen Duffy of George Washington University's Fowler Career Center at

The Panel answered questions:

How long of a career break should I take?
That's a personal decision. A career-break can be one week, two weeks, one month, six-months, one year there is no specific time frame.

How much should I budget?
You should budget for more than you need.

How to tell my employer?
You speak to your employer with confidence. This is something that I need to do for me.

When should I tell my employer?
You should tell your employer about a month before you plan to leave.

Can I get a job when I get back?
Yes, you will probably get a better job than the one you had before.

Should I learn a language before I go?
Yes, if you can do it.
If you can't learn a language, don't let that stop you from going.

 Personally, I got the most from Nicolette shares. She talked more about using the laws of attraction to create a sabbatical than a career-break. She suggested speaking to friends, family, employers with confidence and allowing the attraction to draw things to you.

The "Go" continue to "meet" and "plan" until you "go".

I am creating the possibility of visiting Turkey in November. I would go in October except my daughter is getting married then.