Saturday, January 22, 2011

Joining the 1000 -1000 Travel Blog Challenge

Skychi Travels has decided to move forward and join the 1000 - 1000 Travel Blog Challenge by Todd Wassel. Todd has created an awesome support community of Travel Bloggers on a mission to increase readers and income.

Skychi pointing to Seattle & Chicago on a globe in Chinatown Victoria, B.C.

I am still working on implementing  my 2011 goals for my blog: an increase in readership is always a good thing and more money is not a bad thing either.

Skychi editing a blog post from hotel cabana while catching some sun in Miami

Who is Skychi?


Skychi is flight Attendant Janice who flies for American Eagle. My opinions are my own.

Flight Attendant Janice and Crew Members
I enjoy photography and video editing. My original purpose when I started this project was to create travel videos.

               Skychi Travels Guide Seattle Flying Fish Video

What is the purpose of writing a blog if no one is reading it?

Family - My first readers
Readers are the sole reason to write a blog. YOU are important.

When do I blog?

Inaugural flight Junkanoo Parade - great story idea
I blog whenever I can fit it in my flying schedule. I am always looking for inspiration or conversations that I can turn into a blog post.

Where do I blog?

Cabana is a relaxing place to work.
I like the fact that I can blog from anywhere. I can fly and work as a flight attendant and write my blogs on the fly.

Why do I like to blog?

Flying over Memphis, TN

Travel is my passion. I love to talk travel, share travel, be travel.

My Travel Blog Challenge

Nubian Fitness Goddess lifting weights for the People Magazine Weightloss Challenge

My goals are gaining 1000 readers to my blog and 1000 per month in income from the blog. This is a weighty goal to attain. I am joining this challenge for mentorship, guidance and focus.

Please share my my blog, photos, and videos with family and friends. I would appreciate your support. Also add comments, critiques or cheers below. Follow me and track my progress.

If you are interested in more info please check out

Wish me luck and cheer me on!